Recent and older news from the Chemical Biology Research Group.

22 June 2017 Orsi won 2nd prize of the Publication Award of the Lajos Kisfaludy Foundation. Congratulations Orsi!
22 June 2017 All of our MSc students have successfully defended their thesis. Congratulations Ádám, Zoli & Zsófi!
14 June 2017 All of our BSc students have successfully defended their thesis. Congratulations Edit, Réka & Zsuzsi!
11 May 2017 Our latest paper, Bioorthogonal Double-Fluorogenic Siliconrhodamine Probes for Intracellular Superresolution Microscopy has been accepted in Chem. Commun. Congratulations Eszter!
25 April 2017 Our latest paper, Bisazide Cyanine Dyes as Fluorogenic Probes for Bis-cyclooctynylated Peptide Tags and as Fluorogenic Crosslinkers of Cyclooctynylated Proteins has been accepted in Bioconjugate Chem. Congratulations Orsi & Attila!
22 August 2016 Eszter won the ÚNKP (Új Nemzeti Kiválóság Program) Scholarship. Congratulations Eszter!
12 August 2016 Our latest paper, Scope and limitations of typical copper-free bioorthogonal reactions with DNA: Reactive 2’-deoxyuridine triphosphates for postsynthetic labeling has been accepted in J. Org. Chem. Congratulations Gergő!
23 May 2016 Our latest paper, Systematic study of protein labeling by fluorogenic probes using cysteine targeting vinyl sulfone-cyclooctyne tags has been accepted in Org. Biomol. Chem. Congratulations Bianka, Gergő & Kriszta!
20 May 2016 Our latest paper, Hydrophilic trans-Cyclooctenylated Non-Canonical Amino Acids for Fast Intracellular Protein Labeling has been accepted in ChemBioChem. Congratulations Eszter!
18-20 May 2016 We have attended the MTA Heterocyclic Chemistry Committee Meeting 2016 at Balatonszemes where Ádám, András & Bianka presented their research in brilliant performances! Congratulations!
30 March 2016 Ádám won the Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship. Congratulations Ádám!
22 March 2016 Our latest paper, New, red-emitting tetrazine-phenoxazine fluorogenic labels for live-cell intracellular bioorthogonal labeling schemes has been accepted in Chem. Eur. J. Congratulations Gergő, Eszter & András!
18 March 2016 Cili has successfully defended her doctoral thesis and received her PhD degree with Summa Cum Laude! Congratulations Cili!
18 February 2016 Our latest paper, A Double-Clicking Bis-Azide Fluorogenic Dye for Bioorthogonal Self-Labeling Peptide Tags has been accepted in Chem. Eur. J. Congratulations Orsi, Eszter & Kriszta!
15 February 2016 András has returned home from Buffalo and rejoined us in the Lab! Welcome back!
29 January 2016 Réka Petrovics and Zsuzsanna Szakál have joined our group as undergraduate (BSc) students. Welcome!
20 January 2016 Our latest paper, Polarity sensitive bioorthogonally applicable far-red emitting labels for postsynthetic nucleic acid labeling by copper-catalyzed and copper-free cycloaddition has been published in Bioconjugate Chem. Congratulations Ádám!
18 January 2016 Zsombor Kele has joined our group as an undergraduate (BSc) student. Welcome!
24 November 2015 Gergő has successfuly defended his PhD Thesis and acquired his PhD with Summa Cum Laude. Congratulations Gergő!
15 October 2015 Alexandra Egyed and Marina Ádler have joined our group as undergraduate (BSc) students. Welcome!
1 September 2015 Our latest paper, Glycosaminoglycans are potential pharmacological targets for classic DNA minor groove binder drugs berenil and pentamidine has been published in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. Congratulations Feri!
28 July 2015 Eszter has won a FEBS Short-Term Fellowship. Congratulations Eszter!
23 July 2015 Our review paper, Bioorthogonal fluorescent labels: a review on combined forces has been accepted in Methods and Applications in Fluorescence. Congratulations Gergő, András & Péter!
22 July 2015 All of our former BSc students has been accepted into their chosen MSc studies. Congratulations Ádám, Anna, Tamás, Zoli, Zsófi and welcome back those who continue with us!
1 July 2015 Edit Egri started her summer internship with us and plans to join us permanently as an undergraduate (BSc) student. Welcome!
17 June 2015 Our latest paper, Glycosaminoglycan and DNA binding induced intra- and intermolecular exciton coupling of the bis-4-aminoquinoline surfen has been published in Chirality. Congratulations Feri!
11 June 2015 Our latest paper, Synthesis and serum protein binding of novel ring-substituted harmine derivatives has been accepted in RSC Advances. Congratulations Cili, Feri, Ilona & Juli!
25 May 2015 Attila recieved the MTA Postdoctoral Fellowship for two years. Congratulations Attila!
25 May 2015 Gergely Knorr won an Erasmus scholarship to the University of Leuven, staring next year. Congratulations Gergő!
11 May 2015 Our latest paper, Synthesis and Evaluation of Nicotinic Acid Derived Tetrazines for Bioorthogonal Labeling has been accepted in Synthesis. Congratulations Gergő & Orsi!
5 May 2015 Our latest paper, Inclusion excluded: Chiroptical sensing of the external surface of sulfated cyclodextrins has been published in Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. Congratulations Feri!
11 April 2015 Ádám Eördög recieved 3rd prize at the XXXII. National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (Organic Chemistry, 4th Division). Congratulations Ádám!
2 February 2015 Balázs has successfully defended his doctoral thesis and received Summa Cum Laude! Congratulations Balázs!
15 January 2015 A new review paper, The Janus Facet of Nanomaterials, where our member Júlia Visy is a co-author, has been accepted in BioMed Research International. Congratulations Juli!
5 January 2015 Attila Kormos has joined our group as a PostDoc / research fellow. Welcome!
5 January 2015 Andris has left us for a year to work with prof. Qing Lin at the University of Buffalo. Goodbye and come back! :)
5 January 2015 Our latest paper, Electrochemical and Photometric Detection of Plasmin by Specific Peptide Substrate has been accepted in Electroanalysis. Congratulations Kriszta!
17 November 2014 Kriszta attended the Magyar Elválasztástudományi Társaság Vándorgyűlése conference with her poster, Kapilláris elektroforézis metodika kidolgozása királis organokatalizátor optikai tisztaságának és racemizálódásának vizsgálatára and won the Poster Award! Congratulations Kriszta & Juli!
3 September 2014 Our latest paper, Role of the conformational flexibility of evodiamine in its binding to protein hosts: A comparative spectroscopic and molecular modeling evaluation with rutaecarpine has been accepted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congratulations Cili!
1 September 2014 Cili is spending a month in Regensburg, experimenting and learning new technics in a beautiful town.
19-24 August 2014 Péter and the senior PhD corps (András, Balázs, Gergő, Eszter & Orsi) are attending the EMBO Conference Series: Chemical Biology 2014 conference in Heidelberg, presenting their work and results on posters.
1 August 2014 Bianka and Gergő Knorr are now officially promoted to PhD Students. Good Luck!
30 July 2014 Our latest paper, 2’-Deoxyuridine Conjugated with a Reactive Monobenzocyclooctyne as a DNA Building Block for Copper-Free Click-type Postsynthetic Modification of DNA has been published in Chemical Communications. Congratulations Gergő! Link
27 June 2014 Bianka obtained her MSc diploma and Levente, Gábor and Bánk their BSc degree. Congratulations!
16 June 2014 Our latest paper, New Generation of Bioorthogonally Applicable Fluorogenic Dyes with Visible Excitations and Large Stokes Shifts has been published in Bioconjugate Chemistry. Congratulations András! Link
27 May 2014 Our latest paper, Fluorogenic tagging of peptides via Cys residues using thiol-specific vinyl sulfone affinity tags has been published in Tetrahedron. Congratulations Gergő! Link
20 May 2014 Gergő won the Hungarian Chemical Society's financial support to participate at the EMBO Conference Series: Chemical Biology 2014 in Heidelberg. Congratulations!
8 May 2014 András successfuly defended his PhD Thesis and acquired his PhD with Summa Cum Laude. Congratulations Dr. Bandi!
1 May 2014 Eszter won a new EMBO short term fellowship to visit the Lemke Group in Heidelberg for a month. Congratulations!
1 March 2014 Gergő has gone to Karlsruhe for a month to work at the Wagenknecht Group.
1 March 2014 Gergely Knorr has joined our group as a chemical engineer / research assistant and as a future PhD student. Welcome!
6 January 2014 Eszter Fodor has joined our group as an undergraduate (BSc) student as well as our new, amazing technician. Welcome!
1 December 2013 We have started moving to our new lab in the new MTA-TTK building. It's very exciting!
1 October 2013 Our latest paper, Tyrosine specific sequential labeling of proteins has been published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. Congratulations Gergő & András! Link
12 September 2013 Eszter won the EMBO short term fellowship to visit the École Normale Supérieure, Paris for 90 days. Congratulations!
1 September 2013 Bianka Söveges has joined our group as an undergraduate (MSc) student. Welcome!
1 March 2013 András won a scholarship from P-Cube for his work at EMBL - Heidelberg. Congratulations!
5 February 2013 Our latest paper, A new family of bioorthogonally applicable fluorogenic labels has been published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. Congratulations András! Link
7 January 2013 András and Eszter have both won the Campus Hungary Scholarship. Congratulations!
6 December 2012 Our latest paper, NIR Mega-Stokes Fluorophores for Bioorthogonal Labeling and Energy Transfer Systems – An Efficient Quencher for Daunomycin has been published in Chemistry – An Asian Journal. Congratulations Gergő! Link
1 September 2012 Dr. Eszter Kozma has joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome!
1 September 2012 Ádám Eördög is now officially part of our group as an undergraduate (BSc) student. Welcome! /td>